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Rotational Feeding

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Puppy Wink - Testimonial 5 - Pet Wants Greensboro NW, NC

Love love love PET WANTS…..The cats love the food and I love the delivery!

T. Wolfie CEO
Testimonials - Pet Wants Greensboro NW, NC

We are officially hooked on Pet Wants food products! I brought home a sealed sample bag in my purse, set it on the couch, and walked away. When I came back my cat had taken the bag out of my closed purse, torn it open, and eaten a good portion of it. She hasn’t wanted to touch any other food since! To my mind, that is the best review possible, and I would recommend this pet food to anyone!


Xandria Romero Owner
Testimonials - Pet Wants Greensboro NW, NC

I have a picky dog. I’ve tried all kinds of food for him. He eats this food likes is going to be his last meal. The customer service is great. I would recommend then to any pet parent.


Cristian Cowen Owner
Puppy Grass - Testimonial 6 - Pet Wants Greensboro NW, NC

My little chihuahua LOVES pet wants dog food and the beef jerky treats! The owners always take into consideration what my pet needs to be healthy and happy! Never disappointed!

Cheyenne Moore Owner
Puppy and Cat - Blog - Pet Wants Greensboro NW, NC

This is a really great product, the dog that I watch loves it, ( especially the treats). Great service from the owners. I would recommend this product to all dog and cat lovers.

Bernadette Davis Pet Sitter
Testimonials - Pet Wants Greensboro NW, NC

They are incredibly nice and oh so accommodating! I started feeding my puppy purina’s puppy chow before we converted to Pet Want’s puppy chow and my little guy loves it! Not only that, he requires almost half of the recommended feeding portions than that of Purina pup chow and gets MORE calories and MORE nutrients! And let me not forget about the cats! We converted them from “Beyond” and we’re saving quite a bit of money without sacrificing their well being. Not only that, but we never have to worry about them running out of food or going to the store for pet food, which is nice. We are so happy to have switched over to Pet Wants. Definitely recommend feeding this fresh food to your fur babies!

Briana Elrod Owner
Mosquito Flea & Tick Repellent - Pet Wants Greensboro NW, NC
“I have a 2 year old that is allergic to mosquito bites, normally a traditional bug spray would be great, however, I am allergic to the big sprays. Pet Wants introduced us to their bug repellant, safe and natural for humans as well as pets, I am sooo thankful for this amazing product!! Keeps the bugs away and no hives for me!! PetsWants of greensboro nc, Rocks!!!”
Harelda Nebitsie Owner

What's Wrong with Name Brand Foods?

I will never deny that there are absolutely some great pet food products out there! However, most commercial pet food is manufactured in mass quantities and sent to a series of distribution warehouses before finally making it onto the shelf at your local store. There it sits…and waits…sometimes for up to 6-8 months before reaching the store’s shelves or being purchased. Like any food, pet food loses its nutritional value over time and what might have begun as a nutrient-dense diet may now be a diet that is low in nutrition which ultimately can lead to unnecessary sickness, skin problems, and even a shortened life.

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