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Steve and Donya Herring

Finding the right pet food can be challenging. We are Steve and Donya Herring, the local owners of Pet Wants of Greensboro NW, and we know because we’ve been there. Our Pet Wants journey all started when we found ourselves unexpectedly rescuing our dog, Solomon. We weren’t looking for a dog, but a family member’s neighbor had Solomon and he clearly wasn’t being taken care of very well. He needed us. And, honestly, from the moment he moved in, he made our lives better.

When we took our family vacation to Florida and had to board Solomon, we suddenly realized that he had become a huge part of our family. We didn’t want him to stay just anywhere – and we didn’t want him eating just anything. We found ourselves going to the big box stores trying to figure out the best food to buy and no one had any answers. Our research brought us to Pet Wants.

Pet Wants’ specially crafted pet food formulas are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl. Pet Wants food is nutrient dense, not just because of the ingredients, but because of how it’s cooked and that it’s delivered fresh.

We were able to try Pet Wants pet food on Solomon, he loved it!  We knew we had found the right food for him as well as an opportunity to help other pet owners in our community.  With our passion for our pet and, our entrepreneurial spirit Pet Wants felt right for us.   We want to bring Pet Wants to our community, and build a legacy for our children, Atayah, Tyjan, and Jaydon. We had been looking at opportunities over the years but found nothing we loved. Until we came across Pet Wants. We believe it’s a win-win for our family and community.

Donya is a breast cancer survivor with Type 1 Diabetes, so we understand the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We are hoping, by bringing Pet Wants to our community, we can help positively impact the pets throughout our region.

Pet Wants has a 100-percent, money-back guarantee on the freshness and quality of our food and we only source the best salmon, chicken, lamb, brown rice and other ingredients available. There’s no sugar added, no fillers and no animal by-products and Pet Wants never uses corn, wheat, soy or dyes, which makes the food great for animals with allergies. We also offer multiple blends of dog and cat food formulas as well as a healing salve, calming balm, anti-itch spray, paw wax and more.

Pet Wants food is fresh, high-quality and made with specially-selected ingredients to give pets the exact nutrition they need. When you combine the products we offer with the free, personal delivery, it’s easy to see how Pet Wants is different than the big box pet stores.